I provide treatment for children with neurological disorders, such as AD/HD,  Asperger’s, and brain injuries, as well as for those with other behavioral issues by working with the children as well as with their parents.  If the problems are at school, I also consult with school personnel.

I Can Problem Solve/Raising a Thinking Child program developed by Myrna Shure, PHD and adapt it to the children and families I serve. Since the Raising a Thinking Child Workbook is available in Spanish also, I use it  as a tool with Spanish speaking families as well. In addition to using a problem solving approach, I insert  other techniques specific to the needs of the child.

This research based problem solving approach is designed to help parents and teachers to communicate in a way with children that helps them to learn how to think about what to do and say when problems occur. It is also designed to help adults in redirecting children’s behavior through the use of questions based on words, feelings, and concepts from the program.  In this way children learn to regulate their behavior themselves, and everyone in the family feels empowered.

I have followed some of the children I have worked with from age four or five through high school and college and have published book chapters and articles with the program developer which include the results of one formal longitudinal study with AD/HD children, who improved in their social and emotional adjustment as well as in the area of executive functioning.  Most importantly,  families who utilize this approach  feel less stress and are more bonded even after treatment has ended.

As a national trainer for this program, I am also available for providing training for teachers, mental health professionals and parent trainers for grants or other purposes